Cushing's #PitHour on Twitter

 Yesterday evening we held our third #PitHour of the year with the theme of Cushing's. This event allows people to ask questions and offer support to one another. Our previous #PitHour's this year have been on diabetes insipidus and prolactinomas. 

Thank you to everyone who came along, we had some really interesting conversations and we hope that you all found it useful. 


There was lots of challenges people had to do with Cushing's. 

We met Clare, who is writing a book about her experiences with Cushing's as a teenager. 

We also asked people to share their top tips for those dealing with Cushing's. We really love this response from Caroline, which is all about empowering knowledge, which we are passionate about.

Thanks again to everyone who joined in last night. Our next #PitHour is corrently tbc so keep an eye out on our social channels to fin dout more.

Keep an eye out on our socials for some other online events that we’re planning. Coming soon…