NICE Guidelines re: Head Injury and Hypopituitarism

The Pituitary Foundation has recently contacted the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) with our comments regarding the update of the NICE guideline on head injury.  NICE had indicated that head injury causing post - traumatic hypopituitarism will be included.

We’ve been told that the development of this guideline update is now in progress and a publication date has now been scheduled for updated guideline on 02 December 2021.

They will welcome our comments regarding the scope when it is consulted on, later this year and will keep us updated.

The Pituitary Foundation has changed its position statement to:

Traumatic brain injury is common. Pituitary dysfunction following this may occur and is a serious consequence. We would therefore ​advise that you contact your GP if you have any concerns and experience some of the following symptoms: mild headaches, feeling sick, problems concentrating, poor memory, irritability, tiredness, problems sleeping, lack of appetite, sexual and fertility difficulties, depression, an increased thirst and excessive urinating. 

This text replaces ‘As traumatic brain injury is common, but pituitary dysfunction following this is a rare but serious consequence’.


January 2020

The Pituitary Foundation