Research Opportunity - Males taking Nebido

We are helping to recruit participants for a study to raise awareness of Hypogonadism in the UK.

They are looking for 6 males who currently use Nebido, from anywhere in the UK. The willing males would make a video with the production team, this will be on the website and used as a tool for education for HCPs. They will also potentially be used in a global campaign.

As a thank you, participants will receive £50 for stage 1 and £500 for Stage 2.

STAGE 1: A “casting” where the patient will self-record a 5-10 min video answering questions

STAGE 2: The following week the patient will accommodate a 2 hour interview in home, be filmed answering questions about Nebido/obesity and diabetes.

If you are interested in taking part or have any questions, please contact Michela on 020 3966 7283 or