Video - hydrocortisone sick day rules

Specialist endocrine nurse Alison Milne presents a webinar on sick day rules. 

This webinar will be of interest to steroid-dependent patients who take hydrocortisone or prednisolone. 

Alison explains about the role of cortisol and the need to increase doses in illness and stressful situations. She also talks about emergency hydrocortisone injections and adrenal crisis.

•Any sign of infection, feeling unwell, cold, flu, double dose for at least 48 hours
•Unable to swallow or keep medication down
•Requires IM Injection
•Medic Alert Information
•Hydrocortisone  booklet & Steroid Card

This webinar series gives our members a chance to engage with our expert medical committee and other pituitary health care professionals.

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About Alison:

Alison has over thirty years of varied nursing experience, predominantly in endocrinology. She currently works as a part-time endocrine specialist nurse in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Alison has been running The Foundation’s Endocrine Nurse Helpline for 10 years, a role she thoroughly enjoys, and she hopes that the pituitary community continues to benefit from her nursing experience and knowledge.

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