Research Study - For families of children taking Hydrocortisone


PANDA study (Paediatrics and Dose Accuracy): Getting an accurate dose of hydrocortisone is really important. However, at present, there is no licensed small dose of hydrocortisone. This means that families are asked to cut/crush or mix a tablet in water to get the right dose. It very likely that these methods are not accurate.


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PANDA have therefore designed a questionnaire to help them understand what advice you are currently being given. They will then measure the accuracy of the techniques you are using to prepare small doses in the lab. They also need to understand how much training and support families are offered with learning these methods.

They will use the evidence from this study to improve the advice given to families with young children taking hydrocortisone replacement. This study may also provide evidence to support the introduction of an age-appropriate hydrocortisone preparation in the UK.

If you would like to help PANDA with this work please fill in the online questionnaire by clicking here.