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If you are one of the 70,000 people in the UK affected by a rare pituitary condition, or you know someone affected you will know that it can be difficult to find up to date specialist information and support.

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Become a member and you will be the first to receive all the latest pituitary news and information.

As a member you will be the first to receive all our latest pituitary news and information. Other great benefits are:

  • A welcome pack - your own Pituitary Foundation membership card and patient folder to keep your medical notes and information organised (choose between purple, orange and green!)
  • Our member's only magazine Pituitary Life straight to your door 3 times a year - featuring in-depth features on all pituitary issues, patient stories and articles from medical professionals.
  • Monthly member’s e-newsletter to keep you in the loop between issues of Pituitary Life. This is packed full of the latest Pituitary Foundation news, patient stories, event details and medical updates.
  • Be the first to be told when anything from our publications library is updated or changed or if there are any medical updates or news stories we think you should see straight away
  • Exclusive access to webinars on a range of medical and wellbeing issues
  • Discounts to The Pituitary Foundation Conference and other special events


On top of these great benefits, as a member you will be at the heart of our organisation and everything we do. You will be helping to fund our vital work and you will be able to influence the future of The Foundation. Of course, you don’t have to be involved in this way but if you are keen to contribute further there are plenty of opportunities:

  • Join our database of people willing to participate in research studies
  • Take part in our regular needs analysis studies to understand better the needs of the pituitary community
  • Take part in focus groups
  • Share your story and pituitary journey to help others understand the true impact of the illness
  • Join in with our campaigns – we usually have 3 unique campaigns each year and rely heavily on our supporters to join in and spread the work to raise as much awareness as possible
  • Fundraise to support the crucial work of The Foundation
  • Volunteer with us
  • Make friends at your Local Support Group
  • Have your say in our future – as a member you will have voting rights and an invitation to our AGM – an opportunity to hear the key achievements of our charity and plans for the year ahead and to feed in your thoughts and opinions

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Pituitary Life

By joining us today you will receive the forthcoming edition of Pituitary Life straight to your door! Full of the latest pituitary medical updates and patient stories; our spring issue includes:

  • Features on weight issues and nutritional advice
  • Guidance on emergency injection needles and accessories
  • Patients stories – lots of great experiences from patients and their families

How do I join?

Whether you live in the UK or overseas, you can join our membership scheme.  A standard membership is £25 for a year with concessionary, joint and life membership options available.

You can choose to pay with a one-off payment or by direct debit. We provide options to pay either an annual fee or monthly so you can manage the payments in a way that suits you the best.

How will you spend my membership fee?

The generosity of our members enables us to fund our essential support services. It helps us to support as many patients as possible and make their pituitary journey as comfortable as possible

Your contribution means we can continue to support the 31 support groups up and down the country and respond to over 2,000 requests each year for practical information and support. It means that we can keep the content on our website up to date and relevant for the 64,000 people who use it each month as a vital support service.

Your contribution will makes sure that no pituitary patient has to face their diagnosis alone.

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Lifetime membership

Your chance to support us and the future generations of pituitary patients!

There has never been a better time to join as a lifetime member with many benefits including the following:

  • Receive our members’ magazine, Pituitary Life, three times a year for your entire lifetime. This is full of the latest information, updates and patient stories, to help you better understand, or manage your pituitary condition
  • Exclusive lifetime membership to the only pituitary charity in the U.K, Republic of Ireland and indeed Europe. 
  • Exclusive access to our pituitary community for the rest of your life 
  • Access to our Online Members' Forum.
  • Enjoy discounts to Pituitary Foundation events, such as our annual conference.
  • Give us a stronger voice to raise awareness, and understanding, of pituitary disorders. 
  • Voting rights for life 

Cost of lifetime membership is £350.00 or 12 monthly instalments of £30.00.

Would you like to help now?

  • Telephone our Membership Department on 0117 370 1333 and pay with a credit card

  • By post completing our Membership form