THINK - Adrenal Insufficiency

For our 2017 summer campaign The Pituitary Foundation worked with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, to encourage all hospitals to have a protocol in place for managing patients with adrenal insu­fficiency.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust made their protocol available should other hospitals like to adopt it, or to use it as a template. Some hospitals may wish to devise a protocol that suits their own specialists - whatever the approach, we would recommend that each hospital should have a protocol in place, as lack of cortisol can be fatal. Below is our new leaflet which has been designed to publicise the protocol, to see full size image click here

We would like to thank Dr Karin Bradley, Consultant Endocrinologist (Clinical Lead) at Bristol Royal Infirmary and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust for their support.

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What can our members and supporters do to help with our Think Adrenal Insufficiency campaign?

Although the campaign is no longer running you can still use the resources to spread awareness of Adrenal Insufficiency if you would like to get involved: 

1 - Leaflet distribution

The Foundation is circulating this leaflet and organising targeted mailings to staff in hospitals who are in charge of training programmes and implementing protocols. However, we need your help to enable us to target all the smaller hospitals and hospitals in rural areas. If you would like to take a leaflet to a hospital please email with your address and we will send you a leaflet.

2 - An important part of our Think Adrenal Insufficiency campaign is also raising awareness and publicising patient information to adrenal insufficient patient themselves - in order to help patients understand and manage their condition.

Adrenal insufficient patient may find the following resources useful - for your own use, and also to use if you would like to spread extra awareness to your own Health Care Professionals.

3 - Social media

Help spread awareness by copying the below message and posting on your Twitter feed:

All hospitals need a protocol in place for managing adrenal insufficient patients. Lack of cortisol can be fatal 

Also follow us on Twitter and Facebook, we will be spreading awareness about adrenal insufficiency from now until early autumn. If you can share, like, and retweet our posts this will really help us spread awareness to a wider audience.


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