Endocrine specialist nurse appeal

Demand is high for our Endocrine Nurse Helpline - each month we are unable to answer over 100 calls.

We desperately need another nurse to help these people.

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I don’t usually write letters like this but I need to ask for your help. My name is Alison and I am the Endocrine Nurse at The Pituitary Foundation – you may have called me at some point or you may know someone who has.

Endocrine Nurse Alison

I am proud to work for The Pituitary Foundation, the only charity providing support to anyone in the UK living with a pituitary condition. I have been runing the Endocrine Nurse Helpline solely for what will be 10 years this October. I believe that I offer a kind of support which would otherwise not be available.

With your help today, patients like Maria (read her story below) can get the support they need to transform their lives.

Each month I miss over 100 calls whilst on other calls and I think this is unacceptable. Pituitary conditions are rare and complicated.

Often the specialist information and correct support required is not readily available from healthcare professionals.

Of course, not all pituitary patients need my help – but many do and I am unable to answer all calls with the limited Helpline time available. We desperately need to recruit a second nurse to work alongside me to ensure we are helping as many people as we can.

I wouldn’t write to you if it wasn’t important. Most people will never come across pituitary disease. So I ask – as someone who has supported our charity in the past to be there to support the wider pituitary community. We need to be there for each other.

Together we can really make a difference

I have supported people who are scared, emotionally drained, frustrated and struggling to cope. I often speak to individuals who are suffering with anxiety and depression as a result of their illness, and I frequently speak to people who need help managing their medication. I can help patients to feel that they are not alone.

A gift of just £25 could help to fund a vital support session with our NEW Endocrine Nurse to support people like Maria. Will you consider a gift today?

Thanks to people like you Maria’s life has changed enormously for the better. With my support she is better able to manage her medication and understand the complexity of her symptoms. She has now found support at her Local Support Group and has been linked up with those in a similar situation to herself.

Please could you make a very important gift this summer? We can’t appoint another nurse until this funding is in place.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter. If you, or someone you know is struggling with their pituitary condition at this time, you can find details of how we can support you or your friend or family member elsewhere on our website.


Maria's story:

Maria's story

“My diagnosis came after many years of a gradually increasing diverse range of symptoms, visual disturbance and visual field loss. An MRI scan revealed a pituitary macroadenoma pressing on the optic nerve.

“The extent of the effects of the pituitary tumour were revealed gradually and continue to be life changing. I am still learning what is needed by way of balancing medication and changes to living life in order to maximise my quality of life, minimise infection and manage my tiredness, poor temperature control, increasing pain, constipation, light headedness and visual deterioration.

"Discovering The Pituitary Foundation came as such a relief after a few months of floundering with my very poor understanding of the complexities of this condition within the sea of an uncoordinated medical system.

“Attending our first local support group in Bristol was a complete revelation to us. At last we found people who totally understood. One thing that is absolutely clear is that the quality of my life today, in spite of its continuing challenges, would be much poorer without the support, sound advice and knowledge that my husband and I have gained from Alison and The Pituitary Foundation.” Maria Hemmings, Pituitary Patient.